Food & Nutrition

We know that a healthy, balanced diet can influence your child’s development, by aiding concentration, maintaining good health, giving them energy and helping them to grow. We believe that we have a responsibility to instil healthy eating habits in children and that they should be encouraged to eat well, enjoy a wide variety of foods and be encouraged to try new
Food should be nutritious, fresh and fun! And we strive to combine all three. Our meals are prepared in house every day and are healthy, balanced and enjoyable. We cater for special dietary requirements on request and in consultation with parents.
Purees for babies are made fresh and care and consideration is given to individual feeding requirements and also to the introduction of new feeding stages.
We have our separate dining room, away from the distraction of play, where staff are encouraged to sit down and eat with the children. Children will be encouraged to use a knife and fork, develop table manners and learn that meal times should be an enjoyable social experience.
Water will be provided at all meal times and a choice of water or whole milk will be offered at snack times.
A vegetarian and dairy option is also available.
Fruit is always offered as a pudding alternative.