The Curriculum

As a statutory requirement we follow the governments “Early Years Foundation Stage” curriculum which provides guidelines for all Nurseries and Reception classes, with regards to the fundamental principles for the care and education of the under 5s across the country.

For all children there are 3 Prime Areas of Learning and Development.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – involving making relationships, developing self confidence and self awareness, managing their own feelings and behaviour.

Physical Development – Moving their body and handling items with care, developing knowledge and awareness of their own health and self care skills.

Communication and Language – Listening and concentrating, being attentive to sounds and people, understanding and development of speech.

As the children grow older there are then 4 specific areas of learning in Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

In order to achieve this, the document clearly sets out 3 main elements a nursery should focus on to ensure effective learning. These are:

Allowing children to play and explore – playing with things they know, finding things out and encouraging them to “have a go” at new or difficult tasks.

Encouraging children to be active learners – involving them in activities, developing their concentration skills, and supporting them to keep trying and celebrating and enjoying their sense of achievement.

Developing creativity and critical thinking skills – listening to children’s ideas, encourage them to ask questions, helping them to make links between activities and choosing their own way of doing things.

Having had direct teaching and management of Early Years Education for many years , with a specialism in children with additional needs, we are confident that we have the experience, knowledge and skills to provide a stimulating environment, supportive staff and accurate
assessment and planning to deliver a high quality curriculum ,to all ages and abilities, bespoke to each child’s individual needs.