Our Aims

• To nurture self esteem, positive social skills good manners and respect for others.

• To nurture creativity, imagination and a love of learning to help children progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

• To nurture, social, physical and intellectual development through positive relationships, educational experiences, experimentation and play.

• To nurture communication and language skills. To develop listening, understanding and speech, to help children interact with others and explore and connect with the world in which they live.

• To nurture a safe, stimulating and caring environment in which all children can flourish.

• To nurture positive relationships through providing encouragement and expertise. Ensuring children reach their full potential.

• To nurture inclusive practice, enabling all children, parents and staff the best possible learning, work and partnership opportunities regardless of their background.

• To nurture individuality, embrace difference and provide learning opportunities that
suit each stage of development, individual interests and learning styles.

• To nurture open and positive partnerships with parents/carers in all aspects of their
child’s care, welfare, development and education.

• To nurture our staff expertise. Helping them to be reflective practitioners, eager and
willing to continuously strive to improve their knowledge and skills and create a supportive culture in their place of work.

• To nurture essential skills, knowledge and abilities that ensure children are school ready.